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Lois is working hard to try and make Clark seem less noticeable, so that "The Blur" can reveal his face to the world, including having him slouch, stammer and act clumsily.

Just as a car is about to run down a young man named Jaime, it is stopped by a costumed crusader named Booster Gold who seems to have no problem smiling for the cameras. The fact that Booster seems to know where every major crime and accident is before it happens, Lois and Clark become curious as to Booster's intentions and set to investigate where he came from and what his agenda is.

After spotting him wearing a Legion ring, Booster explains that he is from the future and has come to do what Clark has never been able to: stand in the spotlight. His plan is to usurp Clark's destiny.

Meanwhile, Lois is up for a promotion and Cat Grant has also put her name in for consideration. Hoping that Booster Gold would be her ticket to the big leagues, she goes after an interview with him but he's only interested in getting an exclusive from Lois Lane.

The young man Jaime, who inadvertently picked up a dangerous weapon owned by Kord Industries in the accident, gets overtaken by the scarab and isn't sure what happened so he goes to Booster for help. Booster is more interested in glory than helping him, so he brushes Jaime off. The scarab activates and turns Jaime into the Blue Beetle, but he can't control it. The suit causes him to attack Booster and his models, including a vamped up Kat.

Clark shows up and sees Booster getting attacked and darts into a phone booth to change into The Blur. Just as Blue Beetle targets Cat, Clark intercedes and rescues her. Booster manages to talk Jaime into conquering the scarab and controlling it. Ted Kord is impressed by Jaime's ability to control the scarab and agrees to train Jaime to use it.

Booster tells Clark how he was exposed as a fraud in the future and came to the present to start over. Clark tells him he still can and convinces him to stay. Booster returns the favor with recommending he change his name from "The Blur" to something more "super."

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 18 Quotes

Lois: Heroism is not for sale.
Booster Gold: Oh everything is for sale. If not for rent.

Before that handsome hero face ends up on jumbo screens in all your red and blue glory, we need to make sure there is nothing handsome or heroic about Clark Kent.