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Clark, Lois, Ollie and Dinah, having been kidnapped by government-sanctioned VRA scientists at Hawkman's funeral, are all mentally trapped inside a virtual world while experiments are being done on them to try and determine the triggers of their abilities in an effort to control them.

Chloe appeared to Oliver, claiming to have infiltrated the network and created an avatar of herself in order to free the heroes, but when she convinces Oliver to follow her to an escape hatch she planted in the world, he awakens to find out she is working with the Suicide Squad.

Chloe goes back inside the to free the others, and is able to convince Dinah, but Clark resists trusting Chloe because he can't deal with the fact that after all they'd been through, she didn't confide in him when she left. Lois convinces Clark that because of their past, Chloe has earned the right to a few secrets and probably has been keeping him in the dark because she's protecting him, just as he did with them for all those years.

In the real world, VRA militia, led by Trotter, capture Chloe and assume her place in the virtual space, before Clark and Lois are able to escape, and attempt to play on Clark's insecurities to try and keep him trapped, but Lois convinces him to trust his heart and take a leap of faith. After a brief flight around they Daily Planet rooftop, they go through the portal.

Chloe tells Clark that Fate's helmet warned her there was danger coming to the Heroes, so she found a way to shoehorn Rick Flagg and the Suicide Squad into working for her, providing her with the resources to aid her in the rescue.  


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Smallville Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Any idea why they released you all? Aside from your fiancee going all Erin Brockovich on them?


I don't even know how to get huffy, ok? I do happy. I do sad. I do stop giving me the runaround bitch or I will come for you.