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  • Clark and Lois went to their Smallville High School reunion, where no one recognized Lois because she only attended for five days.
  • Clark had flashbacks to picking up Lana's books, Chloe showing him the Wall of Weird
  • New students had taken up Chloe's mantle at the Torch and were onto Clark's origins in Smallville
  • Chloe texted the students at the end of the episode that she was happen to see them carrying on her "torch."
  • Clark was crowned Homecoming King at the reunion, but Braniac 5.0, who had come from the future using a Legion ring, froze time and took Clark on a journey to the past to witness his father's death, telling him that Jonathan chose his own path and it was up to Clark to do the same
  • Back in the present, Braniac took Clark to Oliver's apartment where Oliver was waiting to hear from Clark; Braniac told him he was using the guilt over his father's death to punish everyone who needs him
  • Back at the Homecoming, Clark grabbed at Braniac's Legion ring and was transported to the future
  • Future Lois told Clark she knows about his abilities and kept telling him to put his glasses on
  • Clark came face to face with Future Clark in an elevator, who told him he was waiting for him and needed his help up on the roof
  • Future Clark took off and as Superman (off camera) contained a nuclear explosion, while Clark watched
  • Clark raced to the roof of the Daily Planet to save Lois' helicopter from going over the edge; Lois knocked out the pilot to preserve Clark's identity
  • Back in the present, Clark witnessed a chat between Lois and a classmate who left Lois wondering if Clark really cared about her
  • Clark also overheard one of the meteor freaks he once captured tell Lois that Clark was a hero who helped him turn his life around
  • Once Braniac left, Clark approached Lois and led her to the dance floor, just as the dance ended.
  • Oliver was urged to speak out to the city after his revelation as Green Arrow and sat down for a televised interview; Clark showed up to support him
  • Clark visited Jonathan's grave, wearing his leather "super" jacket, and said good-bye while burying Jonathan's watch
  • Clark hanged a glitter ball in the barn and danced with Lois, where they exchanged "I Love Yous"
  • Lois stood on Clark's feet and they levitated off the ground
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Smallville Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

Clark: I love you.
Lois: I love you, too.

I have to say the one thing I never could. Good-bye Dad. I promise to be the man you knew I could be.