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Clark proposed to Lois and she accepted.  Tess threw an engagement party at Watchtower.  Chloe sent a gift to Lois, who had a flashback of a chat with Chloe telling her she and Clark are destined to be together.

The vigilantes have been upgraded to  terrorist status and a citywide curfew has been implemented.

Oliver tried to rescue a woman from an attack, but ended up himself attacked by a frenzied mob, Carter and Courtney rescued him.

A state of emergency was called, with Slade at the helm, causing Clark and the other heroes to go radio silent.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, Tess, Lois, and Emil were held for questioning at the Daily Planet, due to Kat reporting them as vigilante supporters.

Lois escaped and was confronted by Kat who was set to turn her in again, but Lois convinced her to rethink her stance on the "vigilantes" by revealing that The Blur had saved her life twice without her knowledge.

Clark, Oliver and Carter crashed Slade's office and discovered plans for a Project Icarus, and inquisition of all suspected vigilante supporters to flush out the heroes.

Clark went to rescue Lois, who had already made her way out of the Daily Planet, but was attacked by Slade/Deathstroke,  Hawkman crashed the party and battled Slade, but was stabbed by Slade.  

Hawkman's mace had broken a gas line, which caused an explosion, forcing Lois out the window plummeting to the streets below.  With his wings ablaze, Hawkman dove after Lois, saving her, but ultimately Hawkman died, off to be with Shayera again.

Clark heard the explosion and confronted Slade, trapping him inside an emblem of the House of El.

The heroes buried Carter in an Egyptian tomb next to Shayera's, but were knocked unconscious by a small pyramid that emerged from the sand at Carter's grave.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Kat: Lois Lane! Are you expecting?
Lois: Spread that rumor and you can expect my fist in your face.

Let's just say Lana wasn't the one fated to be in Clark's life.