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On this week's episode...

- Carter Hall (Hawkman) showed up in Africa at Clark's request to watch over Lois. He told Lois the story of his wife Shayera, and then kisses Lois envisioning she's Shayera.

- Carter told Lois that Clark needs her in his life and that she is his star-crossed love.  He also told her he saw Shayera in a vision which means he's close to rejoining her in a new life.

- Cat Grant comes to the Daily Planet to be Clark's new partner in Lois' absence, and clearly has it in for the masked heroes.

- A mysterious man in a cowboy hat shoots a bullet into the tailpipe of Cat's car, while she and Clark are in it but Clark rescues her just as the car explodes.

- Cat explained to Clark that she is on the run from her husband and changed her name to keep her son Adam safe.

- Tess helped Clark figure out who was after Cat using her Checkmate knowledge, identifying the unknown marksman as Deadshot, only to find out he was actually after Clark, on behalf of the Suicide Squad.

- Oliver calls Tess thinking she kidnapped Chloe and sent him an email saying goodbye

- Deadshot found Cat who was on the run again, and shot at her but Clark deflected the bullet and saved Cat.  The bullet was laced with something that embedded in Clark's skin and briefly produced a Suicide Squad insignia.

- Oliver confronted Rick Flag, his assailant from last week who tells him Chloe exchanged herself for him and took a cyanide pill. Rick shot Oliver with a bullet laced with the same solution that tagged Clark.  He searched Chloe's apartment and found a bottle of cyanide antidote, then tells Clark that Chloe faked her death.

- In Africa, Plastique - wearing head covering - brought a bowl of water in to Carter who then, splashed the water on his face and the same Suicide Squad insignia appeared.

- Plastique and Rick sprang Deadshot from jail.

- Clark emerged atop a building, in the daylight, wearing a new red leather jacket sporting the "S" symbol.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Trust never was the golden rule for the kids in this clubhouse.


I really hope this story is worth it because so far my dream assignment is turning into 1001 arabian nightmares.