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Small time radio personality Gordon Godfrey was taken over by Darkseid. He held a press conference for the release of his book condemning the Blur and the vigilantes.  As a promotional billboard was being revealed, it broke off and started to fall on the crowd when Kara flew in and caught it. Godfrey discussed with his publicist that he wanted to grow his audience globally and put doubt into their minds about the heroes. 

Kara told Clark that she had to get her image around Metropolis as fast as possible because Jor-El gave her a mission which doesn't involve Clark. She said that Jor-El had rejected Clark as his son and that she's been trying to draw the darkness that has come to earth towards her so she can stop it.  It preys on the doubts of others and if it were to possess Clark it could become an unstoppable force.

As Clark pondered whether or not the Blur should reveal himself as Kara did, Lois insisted that for the safety of their loved ones, secret identities must be kept intact.

Thinking that perhaps Jor-El underestimated Clark, Kara tried to teach Clark to fly.  He managed to take flight for a moment, only to fall through the roof of the barn.  Kara told Clark that because of his doubts, he can't face "the darkness" because it preys on insecurities within.  She revealed that it came to Earth three weeks prior during a tear in the universe - which Clark realized was when he sent the Kandorians away.

Lois confronted Godfrey who told her that he was going to reveal to the world Oliver Queen as Green Arrow.  Lois told Oliver about Godfrey's plan and he said it was probably time that he stopped living in the shows, against Lois' adamant rebuttal.  Oliver talked to his parents about Chloe, and about needing to finally take action.

Godfrey visited Club Desaad where Lois posed as a dominatrix to capture photos of him with two other women.  After sending the photos to her editor, Godfrey captured Lois and used her as bait to lure "The Blur" to him.  Clark confronted Godfrey, who attempted to inhabit Clark as Darkseid.  Kara stepped between Clark and Darkseid and used her bracelet to repel him.

Kara decided to adopt a secret identity, involving a dark wig and glasses, because she said that it's hard to save the world when you're the center of attention.  She instructed Clark to leave Darkseid to her saying it was not his fight.

Oliver revealed his identity as Green Arrow to reporters.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

You can save your holier-than-thou, made for TV platitudes and drown them in some holy water, mister.


Fifty bucks says the crack pot with the blur in his bonnet is gunning for a little attention.