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As she looks into the early prison release of ex-District Attorney Raymond Sacks, Lois is threatened by the man on this episode.

This leads The Blur to try and sav her, but he gets caught on camera by someone who tries to sell the pictures to Sacks.

As they try to stop the sale, Lois and Clark encounter Maxwell Lord, a Checkmate agent who also wants the images. Elsewhere, Chloe discovers Zod's true nature.

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Smallville Season 9 Episode 18 Quotes

Lois: Chloe, can you believe it? I'm early.
Chloe: No, Lois, "early" is when you arrive at your destination by a set time. Not when you can see it from seven blocks away.

Stern: Let me guess. You two have a lovers' spat?
Lois: Clark and I don't spat. There was no spatting.