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Previews of Bombshell begin in Boston. The first performance went well until the end. The audience didn't appreciate the show ending with Marilyn's suicide. Julia has to write a new ending.


Dev and Ivy slept together, but agree to keep it a secret from Karen. Throughout the preview, Karen is concerned because she can't get a hold of Dev and is happy when he shows up after the performance. She tells him that she wants to get married. He is surprised, but asks her again.


Derek told Ivy that he slept with Rebecca because she needed him in order to succeed. Ivy brushes him off.


Rebecca felt like she was a failure due to the bad reception of the musical. Someone put peanuts in her smoothie, but she drank it anyway. She decided that she wasn't up for being Marilyn, which means the role is open again. Rebecca tells Karen she would be a great Marilyn. Will it be Karen or Ivy?


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Smash Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Karen: You okay?
Ivy: Please don't be nice to me right now. I mean it, I really will fall apart if you are nice to me.

Derek: I have to make sure Rebecca has everything she needs.
Eileen: If this blows up in any way, Derek, I'll strangle you.