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The Bombshell production moves to Boston. There are only three weeks until the preview begins, unfortunately, it starts out with complications. The actor set to play DiMaggio gets a role in a pilot and leaves for California. Instead of finding a new DiMaggio, Derek and Eileen decide they should call Michael back. Tom lets Julia know the plan and she rejects it outright. She finally fixed things with Frank and says no to rehiring Michael. If Michael comes, she will leave.


Eileen decides to stick with Michael. In the end, Frank and Leo tell Julia that she can't give up the show. She needs to continue even with Michael. She wants them to come with her and they agree to come for the two weeks of Spring Break. The family sticks together to make this decision and move on.


Dev doesn't deal well with Karen being gone. RJ comes over and kisses him. He kisses her back, but stops before anything else happens. He heads to Boston and proposes to Karen. She is not happy he sprung this on her during Tech and leaves. He follows her home and is disappointed to find a party. They leave to talk it out and Dev confesses about RJ. Karen gets even more mad that he would cheat on her and then propose.


During rehearsals, Derek slips an "I love you" into conversation with Ivy. But, he is flirting and talking with Rebecca quite a bit. For his birthday, Rebecca sings Happy Birthday to him as Marilyn. They end up talking after rehearsal and sleep together. Ivy figures out something is going on and gets drunk. She goes to a bar and meets up with Dev. He buys her a drink.


Tom meets Sam's family. Sam's father is not thrilled his son is a dancer. It is a dangerous career without longevity. Tom agrees which causes a divide between Tom and Sam. Ultimately, Tom and Sam make up.


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Smash Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Michael is not coming back! That's it. End of discussion! End of discussion.


Ivy: I'm a women of many talents.
Derek: And, that is why I love you.