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- Bombshell gets the go ahead from the government to continue work. Rehearsals resume and Eileen hires a Dramaturg to help Julia and Tom with the book. Julia throws a fit about the intrusion and after meeting Peter it only gets worse. Julia threatens to not work with him and Eileen says she'll find someone else that will. Julia ends up taking Peter's advice and works with Tom to write a new scene and song that includes JFK. Peter says that's better, but still needs work. Julia is furious.


- Karen convinces Derek to meet with Jimmy and Kyle about their musical. Due to rehearsal running long, they have to cancel the meeting. Jimmy gets upset and shows up at the Bombshell rehearsal and disrupts it. Derek and Karen then show up at the guys' apartment to hear the pitch. Derek is impressed and agrees to work with them on "The Hit List."


- Derek is distracted from working on Bombshell as he is trying to get the job to direct Veronica Moore's next stage production. When Julia and Tom arrive to rehearsal with the new JFK scene to show, it messes up Derek's shot. Veronica decides she's tired of being pigeonholed as a "Broadway Baby" and asks Derek to direct a one night production for her.


- Tom helps Ivy prepare for an audition for the role of Cecile. They realize the character is Marilyn and Ivy. She auditions for the new show and gets the lead in a Broadway musical. She thanks Tom and suggests that he would be a good director.

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Smash Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Hi, I'm Peter. The parasite.


I'll only be the midwife helping usher it into the world.