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Bridgette realized that Larry had a rash on his face, so she took him to the doctor surgery. She had to call Rafi in for help when it was getting closer to her time for work. 

Nelson tagged along with him, and Rafi told Bridgette Larry was not getting vaccinations. Bridgette had to leave for work. Nelson was left with Larry and Bridgette was happy that Nelson called her for the go-ahead to get vaccinations. 

Bridgette was asked by Ally to wait behind and help the kids get ready and get the house in order. Instead, Bridgette took a bath and paraded around the house in Ally's clothing. 

She then had sex with Ally's son, Rivers. They were interrupted by the phone call from Nelson. 

Bridgette then made her way to her mothers, but her mother did not make the dinner she went on about because she was cut up about an ex that did not want anything to do with her. 

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SMILF Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I know chicken pox when I see it. You need to get that checked out.


The stuff they put in those vaccines is just poison. Government mind control!