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Bridgette was still cut up about what happened to her, so she and Eliza decided they needed to find a way to fix things up. Bridgette was also mad that a group of teens stole her belongings while she was playing basketball. 

A man gives Rafi a flyer for a mud run and balks at the idea of the women joining, so this pushes the three of them to join in for it. 

Nelson tells Rafi the truth about the vaccines and Raf reacts by getting Larry baptized without Bridgette's permission, keeping him from watching her in the mud run. 

Tutu goes along with Rafi and the pair bond over their mutual admiration of Larry. 

Bridgette finds out about the baptism and rushes to the diner and she engages in a war of words with Rafi over what he did. Rafi confronts her for what she did with the vaccines. 

They eventually part ways and Bridgette makes her way out of the lot with Larry and Eliza appears with some donuts. 

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SMILF Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tutu: Why are you wearing a suit?
Rafi: Because I'm taking Larry to get baptized and Bridge can't stop me.

Bridgette: Come on, we gotta do it. It's the last one.
Eliza: No, we don't.