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Miles gets a haircut from Dr. Klimpt. A chip is harvested from the hand of a severed arm and traded several times until it ends up in the hands of the Head Janitor.

Layton dreams of the day Zarah left. He wakes up as he is black-bagged and yanked out of his cell.

Cavill addresses the Hospitality Staff, reading a message allegedly from Mr. Wilford. In order to distract the passengers from the unrest in the Tail and Third, they will stage a Prize Fight, awarding the winner an upgrade to Second.

Layton's bag is taken off once he's in Cavill's office with Roche. They tell him Nikki is still unconscious but disclose that Sean Wise was looking for the source of the drug Kronole. Layton's able to tell them that Brakeman Osweiller trades K for blowjobs in The Tail.

Till waits for Jinju by her quarters. They have sex. Afterward, Junju accidentally lets slip the fact that Nikki is awake, just confused.

Layton and Roche question Osweiller in the Third Class Mess Hall Car where a Janitor notices. Later, Osweiller is hauled up to see the head Janitor, Terence, in the Black Market who wants to know what he told Roche.

Roche questions Zarah about Sean.

In First Class, the passengers are preparing for fight night with drinks and gambling. The Folgers tell Ruth they know that it's a distraction.

Roche and Layton chat. Roche shares his lunch with Layton. Till comes and tells them Nikki's awake. She and Layton head off.

Cavill checks on the progress of repairs and Bennett suggests moving the Tailies into Third and uncouple The Tail cars. Jinju calls down and warns Cavill that Till is heading to see Nikki.

Layton and Cavill examine Nikki and Layton comments that a lot of her symptoms are in line with Kronole withdrawal. Cavill arrives and asks them to leave immediately. Dr. Klimpt denies that Nikki's been given any Kronole but Layton suggests that Kronole might've been derived from the suspension drug used on the Sleepers. Under questioning Klimpt admits that he's traded some drugs away for items to care for the Sleepers, not realizing that Kronole was being made from the drug.

While Klimpt and Cavill are talking privately, Layton sees a bag of Miles' hair and jumps to the conclusion that he's been put in The Drawers. Cavill informs him that Miles made the apprenticeship program and takes Layton to see him.

In The Tail, the Tailies are realizing Snowpiercer is running slow and prepare for even more resource cutbacks.

Layton tries to convince Cavill to let him see Josie so he can assure her that Miles is ok. Cavill tells him to focus on the case.

Layton proposes they question the Janitors at Fight Night.

Cavill cobbles together an audio file to create a speech from Mr. Wilford.

As the fight gets underway, Layton meets with Zarah and she arranges for Terence to meet with him but he sends Osweiller instead.

In the Medical Car, Nikki gets up and leaves. She wanders to the Night Car where LJ sees her and Till helps her back to the Medical Car.

Osweiller relays Layton's demand to meet and another Janitor fetches him to meet with Terence in the Black Market.

The fighters come off the stage and start throwing punches at spectators. A riot breaks out to the delight of the First Class passengers.

Terence lets Layton know that the night Sean died, he came to see him for Kronole with another man. He describes the man for Layton.

Layton trades for the chip seen in the opening scene and then bargains what he's learned for a visit with Josie where he passes it to her in a kiss.

In the Medical Car, the guard and a medic are beaten down and Nikki is confronted by LJ's bodyguard, Erik.

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Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

People avoid me because I care for the Sleepers. But that's my value, how I open doors and live in Second. I can trade for things while the weakest can only trade their carbon for compost.

Dr. Klimpt

You'd think loneliness would be impossible all crammed in here. But this train was designed to separate us from our possessions, from our loved ones. Now, every last shred of us is worth something to someone. Everything's rare so you gotta pay with something personal. And we're all trading up for the most valuable thing there is, access.

Dr. Klimpt