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Cavill sits with the captured rebels as they are individually taken in to be executed.

Commander Grey prepares his troops to make a push to end the rebel resistance.

In Third, Layton hears advice on how to proceed from Till and Audrey. Winnie is looking for her brother and Layton has to tell her that Patterson's dead. Zarah sees Andre but he turns his back on her.

Grey's plan is to gas the rebels, car by car, accepting heavy collateral damage is civilians are gassed too.

Bennett is upset with Miles in the Engine and tells him to sit and be quiet. Bennett pulls out an old radio set, a backup communication setup.

Pike greets Layton in the Market, takes him aside and offers him the deal from Grey and First. Layton brings the proposal to Till and Audrey and they all agree that surrender isn't an option.

Audrey tells Layton to speak to Zarah.

In The Drawers, Aus waits for Klimpt to finishing examining Strong Boy and Z-Wreck. He realizes they are both able to fight and takes them to the battlegrounds.

Ruth is going through Cavill's quarters and is infuriated by the belongings of Mr. Wilford she finds. Grey proposes that he and she take control of the train once the rebellion has been put down.

Cavill is taken into the execution chamber. Once the others have left, Javi reveals himself in the guard's uniform and frees Cavill while the notary stalls for time.

Javi helps Cavill into the subtrain where Jinju is waiting. Cavill chooses to go to downtrain and tells Jinju to stay safe.

Layton goes to Zarah and she tells him about the baby. He decides to take the deal. He tells Pike to tell the Firsties he surrenders.

LJ convinces her parents that they should be present for the surrender.

Bennett hears something on the radio and tries to raise a response to no avail.

Cavill emerges in the agriculture cars and is immediately captured. She is taken to Layton and offers him the train. She proposes disconnecting the cars that are carrying the jackboots and have the cars roll off on a different track.

Cavill contacts Bennett through the radio and explains the plan.

Till recruits Roche.

Ruth makes an announcement as the new Head of Hospitality.

Colvin meets with Ms. Gillies and hands over a gun under the guise of discussing tutoring for his sons.

Layton meets with the Folgers and Grey where they stage the surrender for photographs. Grey then takes them through a car full of jackboots and they all beat on Layton as he walks through.

Once in the subtrain, Roche retrieves the gun hidden in the trolley and he and Layton fight the jackboots and Grey. Grey gains the upperhand but Aus, Strongboy, and Z-Wreck arrive.

Cavill and Bennett coordinate the first decoupling. The Folgers realize what's happening and panic.

Layton gets to the other junction and realizes that in cutting out the jackboots and the Folgers, he'll also be cutting loose all the rebels who were captured.

The train recouples. Seven cars have been cut loose.

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Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I thought I could create a kinder, gentler world. But the train demanded otherwise. The train demanded blood. I fed her and now they will. Until we reach our final destination, everyone the same in pain and doubt. Holding our losses close on Snowpiercer, one thousand and one cars long.


I thought I could let him go. Over time, with miles traveled. I thought I could strip Wilford away. Shed his rules, one by one. And finally, his mask. Until he was just a logo on the wall.