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Audrey dances while Snowpiercer trades Big Alice produce for supplies. Sykes hands Ruth a communique for Layton.

Audrey ends her dance looking at a long suicide scar on her arm. 

Ruth delivers the communique and Layton receives an offer from WIlford to treat the frostbite patients injured by Icy Bob. He writes a response to and give is to Ruth.

On her way back to the border, Ruth looks at the response and is unimpressed.

Alex brings the response to Wilford. The response is "What do you want?" Alex guesses it's Miss Audrey. Wilford proposes a night out on Snowpiercer.

Till spies on Boki in the Tea Room but is distracted by a shrine to the Tailies who died. The Pastor comes out to invite her to have a cup of tea.

Ben and Javi install their new motors and prepare to launch their weather instruments balloon.

Layton asks Audrey to get close to Wilford again. Audrey explains her history with WIlford. She agrees to the job for her own interest.

The invitation to Wilford asks for a guest list and Alex points out that he'll have to bring some crew with him. He extolls the virtues of Audrey and then makes a show of choosing crew members to join him. Oiler Bob, Damien Ho, and Amelia, Alex's friend, are the winners of the rigged draw.

The guest list is submitted to Snowpiercer and Layton and Roche plan to see if they can turn the crew to their cause. Audrey warns that Wilford will do the same.

Till confides in Pastor Logan.

The Drs. Headwood come aboard Snowpiercer to treat the frostbite victims. Layton takes them to Josie last, shutting Ruth out. The doctors insist she be taken to the lab on Big Alice for custom grafting.

Ruth confides in Zarah. Zarah offers to join Hospitality.

Josie worries about what Wilford knows about her. She and Layton confer on her going to Big Alice. Josie insists that she go.

Pike trades some weed to Terence for encyclopedias. LJ overhears.

Lights and some Tailies grab Boki who denies attacking her and warns that there are more loyal to Wilford than just the breachmen. The other breachmen come to his aid and a fight ensues.

Boki admits to being a lifelong WIlford supporter. Till kicks him and tells Layton Boki needs to be put in the brig and the other breachmen need to be confined to quarters. Her Wilford problem is deep.

Josie instructs the Tail to stand by Layton. Miles comes to see her and she finds out he's working on life systems for the future colony.

They transfer Josie to Big Alice. The Tail comes out to salute her as she rolls through the border cars.

Layton isn't happy about Zarah joining Hospitality.

At the Night Car event, the engineers livestream their launch of the first data weather balloon.

Audrey prepares to meet Wilford. She asks Zarah to come and interrupt her session with him after thirty minutes.

Layton and Wilford chat until Audrey appears on stage.

Audrey takes Wilford into a session room.

Amelia and Murray meet, bonding over their Aussie-ness. Till connects with a bartender, Z-Wreck with Sykes, and LJ with Alex.

LJ takes Alex to an observation bubble and shares her encyclopedias and weed with her.

In his session with her, Wilford's memories go from a celebration in the Night Car to him handing Audrey a razor blade in a bathtub. She reveals he made her cut her own wrists so he could save her.

Back in the Night Car room, he begs her for domination. She feeds him a mango like a dog. Zarah comes to call them back and sees the power dynamic and leaves quickly.

LJ and Alex talk about their respective mothers.

Everyone gathers in the Night Car to witness Melanie's uplink. At 35000m, she should be able to link. Everyone is tense until the link is established at 35250m.

Wilford is disappointed.

Audrey re-examines her scar while dancing. Alex thinks about her mother in her bunk. Javi and Ben celebrate. Layton checks in on Audrey.

On Big Alice, Wilford looks in on both Icy Bob and Josie.

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Layton: You meant a lot to him.
Miss Audrey: I spent years washing my hands clean of him.

Every day, every one of us makes a trade. A pencil for a pen. An apple for an orange. A dance for a smile. But these trades don't always go the way you plan. You give more than you get. Terms change. You wind up having to trade with yourself. I staked my future on a single trade. A life with him for a place on this train. It's been nineteen revolutions. No matter how far I traveled, I should've known Wilford would find me. On Snowpiercer, one thousand and thirty-four cars long.