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Josie lies in a container of the Headwoods' goop gel, getting treatment for her frostbite injuries. While on Big Alice, she is sending messages back to Snowpiercer through a network of people.

She hears Icy Bob undergoing one of his treatments and makes her way over to observe.

Josie's messages carried through Snowpiercer by Winnie, who is observed by Terence.

In his car, Wilford listens to Miss Audrey's albums. Alex can hear it in her bunk and tells Emilia that he hasn't stopped listening to those albums since their night on Snowpiercer. Emilia sighs over her memories of that evening.

Wilford calls the book club together for discussion. They are discussing Daphne Du Maurier's "Rebecca"

In the Night Car, Zarah checks in with Miss Audrey.

Wilford convenes the book club meeting. No one wants to start the discussion. When they do get started, Sykes enters with a message for Wilford from a "friend uptrain" who lit a lantern, meaning their plan is a go. Alex watches them talk but isn't allowed into the plans. Wilford sends her to Snowpiercer with an invitation to Miss Audrey.

Audrey discusses the invitation with Layton and the engineers. Ben explains that if she can get into the coms panel and switch two wires, they'll be able to hear everything Wilford says.

The Drs. Headwood are working on Josie when Sykes comes to fill them in on the plan.

Josie starts to hyperventilate. Icy Bob comes and talks her through the panic attack, giving her a strategy to calm herself. He leaves before the Headwoods return.

When they return, they inform Josie that they will be putting her under for the shoulder treatment as they'll have to go deeper to remove all the damaged tissue.

In Layton's car, the team discusses weather balloon #11 going up. Till arrives a little late. Layton warns everyone to be on the watch for an attack. He asks Till and Roche to stay behind as the meeting ends. He informs them that he has a source on Big Alice and that the trade is how information is getting through. Till is upset that her investigation is stalled and Layton and Roche both recommend that she take a day off.

Ruth is upset to be shut out of the plans. She has Zarah address the train on behalf of Hospitality. Despite a bout of morning sickness, she manages quite well.

Pike is trading his weed for encyclopedias when LJ knocks him out with a metal bat. He wakes up in Terence's loft where Terence warns him off of dealing in Third.

Layton staples Pike's scalp back on and assures him that he'll handle Terence.

As Wilford prepares to meet Audrey, Alex tries to get him to share his plans. She also asks why he can have Audrey visit but she can't go visit LJ.

Audrey takes the long walk to Big Alice, dressed to impress.

Layton goes to see Terence, who threatens Josie's safety when Layton tries to coerce a deal.

While they're waiting for a pre-natal checkup, Zarah confronts him about Josie being a spy. After the ultrasound, Zarah equates Terence's threat to Josie as a threat to them and the baby. She urges Layton to have him dealt with. Layton is hesitant.

Audrey speaks with Alex while they're alone together. Wilford joins them and Alex leaves.

In the Engine, Ben is worried that Mel hasn't linked up with the newest weather balloon.

When the train's children share a mural for Melanie, some First Class passengers are snarky about this "reputation rehabilitation" so Ruth assures them it will hang all week where everyone can see it.

The engineers share their fears with Layton, Roche, Ruth, and Zarah. They agree to keep it between them and lie to the passengers that all is well with Melanie.

Oz and Till have a chat at the bar in Third. Oz leaves and Till is approached by Boki and the breachmen. She tries to start a fight but Paster Logan intervenes and takes her to the Tea Room where he gets her to spar with him.

Audrey is unable to get into the coms box in Wilford's car and he notices that the screw has been tampered with.

Layton meets with Pike and directs him to deal with Terence. Pike reminds him that Layton convinced the Tail not to hang him for cannibalism years before. At that time Pike swore he'd never kill outside of combat.

After sparring, Till and Logan discuss the leadership of the train.

Pike prepares and makes his way to Terence. All security has been cleared in the area. Pike gives Terence a weapon with which to fight him. They fight and Pike kills Terence.

Ruth makes her address to the passengers, reporting another successful uplink between the newest balloon and Melanie.

Pike shaves his head and beard in the aftermath of his deed.

Josie spits out the knock-out drugs before her procedure so that she can listen in on the doctors. Icy Bob sees what she does with the pills. She manages to fool the doctors despite the procedure and cauterizing and hears them mention the breachmen.

When she goes to hide her message in the laundry, Icy Bob confronts her and demands the meds she didn't take. She gives them to him and he agrees not to tell the doctors.

Wilford applies pressure to Audrey to stay with him.

Layton gets Josie's message and prepares for an attack by the breachmen. He and Roche confront Boki, causing a hooded figure to turn away in the corridor. While they interrogate him, the other breachmen are killed, one by one, by hooded figures.

A red alert sounds. Ruth prepares to welcome Audrey back but, at the last minute, Audrey chooses to stay with Wilford. Wilford offers Ruth a place on Big Alice. She declines.


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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Zarah: The little I do know about you and Wilford has me worried.
Miss Audrey: My eyes are wide open. This is nothing like the last time. I'll be fine.

It's easy to fight when you've never been hurt before. Until it happens, you're invincible. But with every fight, there's a risk. And sometimes, you're sidelined. The road to recovery is long, endless when it's not clear if you can recover. Some days, I lose sight of who I am, but I can't forget what my mission is.... I have to keep the hope alive that I can still make a difference. If not, then what was coming back from the dead for? I count the days and pray to be whole again, back with my people on Snowpiercer, one thousand and thirty-four cars long.