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As Wilford's forces prepare for battle, Ruth is put back into her cell.

Javi reports the pirate train has veered off the main track and they've lost track of it. Wilford orders full-speed ahead and they crash into a series of obstructions on the track.

Wilford orders Kevin to find and punish Ruth's people to make an example of them. He orders Farah to come to him.

On the pirate train, they are watching the other train and preparing to come around on them again. Josie is ready to jump over and breach the engine.

PIke, Z-Wreck, and Strongboy are part of the crew setting up Wilford's defense. Z-Wreck and Strongboy remind Pike he's the leader now so he can't be the distraction. He can't be caught. They start a fight with the jackboots and Pike gets away.

As the pirate train comes alongside, Wilford orders his weapon deployed. They harpoon the last car of the pirate train, causing it to start to derail.

Sykes gets Asha out of her berth before they decouple from the derailing cars.

They disconnect the cars and the train stabilizes. Layton moves Asha up to the engine bunk car.

When he returns to the engine, Ben informs him that Wilford's train has gone dark and they can't find him.

Kevin wakes LJ and Oz to commandeer the Night Car. The jackboots have Resistance supporters in the Night Car, kneeling and bound.

Pike gets past the jackboot guarding Ruth. She tells him how to signal Layton.

Asha is calming herself by wearing her old enviro suit helmet. Layton disturbs her and she demands to know why Wilford attacked them. He explains why they're at war and that he's expecting a child with a partner on board Wilford's train.

Audrey and Bess talk in the library car. Bess dreams of getting Roche out of the Drawers.

From the top of the ridge, the pirate train looks for Wilford but can't see anything.

Pike follows Ruth's instructions and breaks into Hospitality and sets off the New Year's Eve protocols which trigger a series of fireworks.

Wilford orders Javi to drain the train's reserves and get out of the train yard and away from the pirate train.

In the Night Car, Kevin is torturing Strong Boy by freezing and hammering off his fingers, one by one. As LJ watches, fascinated, Oz is more and more uncomfortable and reminds her that Layton may win and then they'll be forever tarred by their role.

Kevin decides to take Strong Boy's tongue next.

Because of the harpoon, Layton and Josie decide to confront Wilford's train head-on, using Audrey as a distraction.

Layton offers Wilford Audrey and a car in First if he surrenders the train to him.

Wilford refuses the offer but when they light Audrey and give her the mic to talk to him, Layton takes off down the train, gets into a suit, and exits the train via a cold lock.

Snowpiercer nudges the dead Big Alice and Wilford's train starts to slip back into the valley.

Instead of reversing, Wilford orders the train powered down. He plans to let everyone aboard freeze unless Snowpiercer connects. Ben starts the process and says something to Javi in Spanish. Javi surreptitiously opens a door on the train.

The jackboots prepare to attack as soon as Snowpiercer connects. Josie suddenly appears on Big Alice's back window. Wilford is shocked when she breaches the glass with a bolt gun and backs up right into Layton who is waiting with his own bolt gun. Layton knocks him down and punctures Wilford's hand with the bolt gun.

Layton forces Wilford to order his forces to stand down and hand over the train to Layton.

Josie enters the engine car to find Layton embracing Zarah's pregnant belly.

In the Night Car, LJ voices the intention to get on the right side of history. She gives an orange to Z-Wreck and then stabs Kevin in the neck.

Josie escorts Wilford to a cell.

Layton and Ruth reconnect over a drink.

Till gets Roche and his family out of the Drawers, but Anne has died.

Strong Boy is laid to rest.

Ben seeks out Javi and comforts him.

Layton tells Ruth about his plan to take the train to the warm spot on the Horn of Africa. It'll be a train-wide vote.

Sykes escorts Audrey to Third and informs her that she's confined to Third and barred from the Night Car.

Josie tends to Wilford's wound.

In the library car, Layton asks Asha to tell a story that will sway the vote in his favor. She addresses the train over the P.A. and it works.

Till, Alex, Ruth, Ben, Josie, and Layton make a pact to press the lie and hope they're right.

Asha sits in the library in her helmet, taking deep breaths.

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Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

There's a moment in a fight when that first blow lands and everything stops. And in that flash of clarity, you know who you are. I'll push as hard as it takes to get my engine back. Snowpiercer, one thousand and twenty-three cars long.


I was born for battle. Built for it. Sometimes, in battle, a perfectly crafted plan gets compromised. A true general comes up with a better one right there on the spot. Working without a net and sticking the landing to thunderous applause.