On Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 9, Wilford makes a spectacle of retaking control of the train. Layton bides his time and Ruth is faced with a pivotal decision.

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Ruth and Kevin are busy preparing two major events for Wilford.
Wilford orders a census and all Dr. Pelton's files are seized.
Javi is transferred to Big Alice where Alex is distinctly unwelcoming.
Till is brought to Wilford and he lets her know he Drawered Roche and his family. He orders Sykes to take Till to Car 272.
Layton is in the Swamp, Big Alice's compost car. Josie asks the Headwoods what they've done to her.
Kevin tells Ruth his event is the reopening of Car 272. It's a carnival and Wilford makes a ringmaster's entrance. There's a puppet show that depicts Melanie dying on her mountaintop. Alex is upset but LJ is gleeful. Wilford reveals he knows that the train lost contact with Melanie.
In a separate event, Ruth prepares for a dinner. The guests are meant to be random winners but it's obvious they were chosen specifically. Wilford and Audrey make an entrance. Over dinner, conversation becomes heated. Osweiller performs at the piano. Wilford offers Ruth a seat at the table but Alex warns her that he's not to be trusted. She tells everyone that Wilford killed off half the population of Big Alice to conserve resources and that he plans on doing the same on Snowpiercer. That's what the census is for. Wilford orders Alex to the brig.
He offers Ruth the sole position of head of Hospitality if she announces to the train that they won't be returning for Melanie. She refuses and he has her sent to The Swamp.
He offers Till an advisory position and presents all the killers of the Breach workers. He kills them all.
Javi hears Melanie's message and gets a note to Layton and Ruth

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On Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 9, Wilford reasserts control of Snowpiercer while Layton discovers life in The Swamp of Big Alice. Josie feels out her new abilities.

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

My own hope I keep hidden. Hidden in the few people who can rekindle it.


Hope is a powerful thing. Melanie used it to unite the people. First, with a lie. But then with a promise of a life off of Snowpiercer. Andre Layton used hope to inspire his people to fight for their freedom. But look where that's got him. And Mr. Wilford is a different story. He's turned hope into fear. He's turned the train against itself and then offered security.