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A quick rundown of the eight routines last night ...

Lauren Froderman and Pasha (Tango) The passion and intensity were there as always, as was Lauren's control. Marvelous.

Adechike Torbert and Lauren (African Jazz) Not well enough executed for a final four performance.

Robert Roldan and Anya (Viennese Waltz) Robert did a nice job of going outside his comfort zone at a critical stage.

Kent Boyd and Courtney (Disco) Not one of Kent's best. There was a certain maturity and seriousness lacking in this one.

Lauren and Ade (Jazz) Terrific choreography and execution by Lauren, who was strong, yet feminine at the same time, powerful and vulnerable.

Adechike and Kathryn (Contemporary) Seemed to lose steam by the end, possibly a microcosm of how things are going for Adechike.

Robert and Dominic (Hip Hop) Absolutely awesome routine, with Robert showcasing more skill than we expected.

Kent and Neil (Contemporary) A great closing number. Moving on a raw, emotional level.

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