The SYTYCD Judges
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After Alex Wong and Ashley Galvan couldn't even perform the last two weeks, Billy Bell was in the same position last night. Only he could have danced, yet opted not to.

Billy, who didn't perform with the top six Wednesday, was on the block with Robert Roldan and Jose Ruiz. Lauren Froderman, Kent Boyd and Adechike Torbert were safe.

But unlike Alex and Ashley, Billy won a reprieve. Borrowing a move from American Idol, no one was eliminated this week. We didn't know that was even possible.

Next week two dancers will go home instead.

The question is whether the controversial move short-changes Ashley, who might have been able to heal in a week's time. Alex was DFY and had to go. But Billy could have danced last night - he was cleared by the doctors. Why didn't he? Did the judges play favorites? Did he know his best chance was to heal and hope he stuck around?

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