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The night's performances at a glance:

Lauren Froderman with Mark Kanemura (Tahitian): High energy, but a little ... unusual.

AdeChike Torbert with Anya Garnis (salsa): AdeChike earned mixed reviews, as always.

Jose Ruiz with Courtney Galiano (Broadway): Jose didn't have much to do, or do much with it.

Robert Roldan with Allison Holker (contemporary): Absolutely beautiful choreography.

Billy Bell with Anya Garnis (jive): Billy was connected, committed, and in charge.

Kent Boyd with Neil Haskell (Broadway): Cheesy but delightful and fun nonetheless.

Lauren and Billy (jazz): So adorable. One of our favorites all night. Pure magic.

Jose with Dominic Sandoval (b-boy): Tons of fun, but Dominic was the real star.

Adechike and Kent (contemporary): Kent emerges as the season's new favorite.

Robert and Kathryn McCormick (disco): A very strong and masculine disco ... really.

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