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A rundown of the night's performances, with Alex Wong automatically in the bottom three after hurting his Achilles and being unable to go (his status remains unclear):

With the All-Stars

Lauren Froderman with Pasha Kovalev (cha cha): Hot stuff! Lauren definitely embraced her feminine side.

Jose Ruiz with Lauren Gottlieb (contemporary): Jose showed a lot of strength and control, owning it.

Kent Boyd with Comfort Fedoke (hip-hop): Kent really sold this one, rather than overacting like a clown.

AdeChike Torbert with Courtney Galiano (jazz): Too much personality and "mediocre" technical effort.

Billy Bell with Katee Shean (Broadway): This "Cats" number was cheesy, but still pretty terrific.

Ashley Galvan with Dominic Sandoval (hip-hop): Ashley thrived while very much out of her element.

Robert Roldan with Kathryn McCormick (jazz): Not the best, but Robert did earn a good amount of praise.

With Each Other

AdeChike Torbert (Bollywood): Dancing with a ringer in place of Alex, AdeChike held his own.

Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman (contemporary): Simply gorgeous. Best of the night.

Robert Roldan and Ashley Galvan (quick-step): Forget the dancers, the dance itself needs to go.

Jose Ruiz and Billy Bell (African jazz): Billy outclassed Jose, sharper and more controlled.

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