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Melinda Sullivan was told last week that one of the judges voted to oust her but was overruled by the other two. Not high praise.

This time, he was vindicated and she was sent home.

Robert Roldan and Billy Bell were also in the bottom three with Melinda, but she was the most likely to go from the start.

She'll be leaving us as we move on to next week's Top 8.

Robert needs to show a little more personality, and Billy is almost too good - he's not open to growth and being vulnerable.

It was a low-key results show, with perhaps the most noteworthy event being the announcement that next week the dancers will perform two routines, one with an All-Star they’ve never danced with and then one of their fellow contestants.

That should be very interesting and a bit of a throwback to previous seasons as they continue to make this up as they go (or so it would appear).

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