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Clay, Bobby and Opie meet with Lynn to tell him he cannot get his guns. However, Lynn has a proposition for him. His guns supplier has been detained by INS for having a bogus passport. As it turns out, he's an ex-PLO member.

Lynn doesn't want the judge looking too deep into this, so he proposes that SAMCRO goes and "persuades" the judge to let the gun runner go. In return, both Lynn and the gun runner will be in SAMCRO's debt. Clay sends Bobby and Opie to threaten the judge; Tig, passed over for the job, thinks it's Clay's way of saying he's soft and is upset. He approaches Jax about this, telling him that he's worried about Opie going down a dark path. Jax, of course, sees through this and realizes that Tig is more worried about losing his seat at the table. Bobby, Opie, Jax and Tig take the judge and his son hostage in their home.

Opie goes insane threatening the son, even shooting him in the foot, but the judge will not give in. Jax finally pulls him off. For all his talk, Tig cannot bring himself to threaten the judge and just shakes in the corner. Bobby finally finds the right leverage: the judge's dead wife. Before the crew leaves, they tell the judge that they will burn every memory he has of her if he doesn't throw out the case. He finally gives in.
Jax meets with Chibs in the hospital. Chibs tells Jax that Luanne's death was not his fault, and then reveals that Fiona is in town. Jax wonders if this means Jimmy O is also around; Chibs says that Jimmy O would never let Fiona travel alone. He's concerned that the Hayes's will find a way to get Jimmy O to blame Chibs for their trouble with the ATF. Tara tells Chibs that he's going to have to be sent to Stockton to finish up his rehab, but he says he'd rather heal at home than get treated at an unprotected hospital. However, his health takes a turn for the worse (perhaps brought on by Chibs himself) and he manages to remain in the hospital.
A few of the Kara Kara girls are busted by Hale and Unser in a prostitution sting. It seems like Darby had been running a prostitution ring, but the girls, including Ima, claim that they were set up. Ima says that she works for Jax, so Unser goes to fill him in. At the jail, Ima tells Jax that she got a mystery call two days earlier offering $10,000 to help out Darby for two days; on the first day, the girls were busted. The tip came from Ethan Zobelle. Deputy Hale meets with him and Zobelle gives him more tips, stating that he expected that the two would be working together by now.
The porn star bust makes Clay want to pull out (heh heh) of the porn business, claiming it's too much of a liability. Jax thinks he's doing it because of the rift between the two of them, even thinking that perhaps Clay himself was behind the porn star sting. He confronts Clay over this, and in the midst of a heated argument even gives Clay his gun and tells him to follow through on his promise to kill him. The crew resolves to vote on the porn studio issue.
However, it's a vote that will not happen. Ethan Zobelle sends AJ Weston and Darby to the studio to burn it down, coaxing Darby there by offering him a chance to get back at SAMCRO. It's a chance he shouldn't have taken - as they soak the studio in gasoline, Weston and his men attack Darby. Chuck, sleeping in the office, sees the whole thing, but we are not sure if he has escaped the inferno. Jax stands in front of the ruined building, and tells Bobby, Prospect and Happy that Clay was behind the fire as a way to get back at him. As the episode ends, Jax says he wants to transfer clubs.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

"You are really gonna stand there and lay the guilt of a dead wife on me?"


"I know the greater devil when I see it."


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Song Rip It Up Austin Hanks
Song No Harm Rules The Tarbox Ramblers
Darker my love two ways out Two Ways Out Darker My Love iTunes