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Having confessed to being in possession of illegal drugs, Ethan and Polly Zobelle are driven to jail, followed by SAMCRO. They are put in a cell next to AJ Weston as the crew waits outside. Chief Unser lets them know that Agent Stahl has been in a closed door meeting with the FBI all morning, and AJ Weston is still stuck in jail pending the district attorney. Deputy Hale tells Unser that the case against Weston won't stick: Chuck is not exactly a reliable witness.

Stahl tells Unser that the FBI has decided to cut Zobelle loose. In a last ditch effort, Unser tells Stahl about Zobelle's assault on Gemma. Disgusted by the revelation, Stahl tells Unser that Zobelle has been an FBI informant for three years, giving up information on the Aryan Brotherhood and the officials it bribes. Unser relays this information to the crew; Clay makes plans to have Otto spread the information to the prison network to get the Aryans to stop attacking SAMCRO. The crew hovers around as Zobelle and Polly are released. Deputy Hale offers a police escort, but Zobelle has other plans: Alvarez and the Mayans suddenly roar up, giving the Zobelles their own escort, with SAMCRO in hot pursuit. Hale fears another war in Charming.
AJ Weston is set free, but refuses to leave Charming without his two sons. Unser tells Jax this, and he sets off with Opie and Chibs to intercept the rapist. They watch as Weston makes off with one of his sons from Child Services for a supervised visit. Weston takes his son to the perfect father & son meeting spot, a tattoo parlor. Jax does not want to make a move in front of Weston's son. Luckily, Opie knows the tattoo artist. He calls him, explaining that they need to get Weston alone. However, when the artist gets Weston to go to the bathroom to rinse up, Weston takes his son, Duke, with him. Jax, Opie and Chibs ambush Weston and Jax tells Weston to get his son out of there. Weston tells his son that he loves him, and to leave the bathroom and never talk to the cops. He sits down in one of the stalls and Jax executes him.
Jax visits Otto in prison. He tells him about Zobelle being an informant, explaining that it is time for retribution. With SAMCRO back in the good graces of the prison network, another inmate helps Otto get his revenge. He clubs the Aryan who blinded Otto and then guides the blind man to him. Otto stabs the man in the throat, exacting his revenge.
Stahl still has Edmond Hayes under her thumb. He receives a call from his father demanding a meet at the wharf. The ATF sets up around the place, but Edmond receives a follow-up call on a hidden cell phone. Before the ATF can intercept the call, he explains his situation to his father, who counters that Edmond has to kill Stahl to prove to Jimmy O that he isn't a rat. Edmond gets Stahl alone back at the house and sneaks a gun out of the bathroom. He pulls it on Stahl, but cannot pull the trigger. She takes the gun from his hand and shoots him - revealing the gun to be filled with blanks. Stahl says that the ATF has been one step ahead of Edmond the whole time, knowing about both the gun and the hidden cell phone at the wharf. She sends the elder Hayes a text from Edmond's phone saying that Stahl is dead and the safehouse is once again safe. Edmond attacks her and tries to run, and Stahl shoots him dead.
The Mayans are parked in front of Zobelle's cigar store, with SAMCRO parked across the street. Police cars line the center lane. Inside the store, Polly Zobelle receives a call from AJ Weston, saying that he knows Zobelle is a rat and that they are dead. Polly seems shaken, but Zobelle is calm. He plans on retreating "home", to Budapest. Polly is hesitant about leaving without saying goodbye to Edmond Hayes. She says it is something that she has to do, and she sneaks out of the store. However, she makes the mistake of stopping in town and is spotted by Gemma. Gemma and Tara spot Polly going to Edmond's house.

Tara tries to talk Gemma out of going after Polly, but she explains that it's time for her to do her part. Gemma tells Tara to get her grandson home. Polly enters Edmond's house and finds him dead on the floor. She hears Stahl - hiding in the other room - and draws her gun. Just then, Gemma enters with her gun drawn. She tells Polly to drop her weapon, but Polly draws down on her. Gemma shoots Polly, killing her. Stahl then reveals herself and gets Gemma to put her fingerprints on the weapon that killed Gemma. She gives Gemma time to flee, and then calls in a status report to her agents, claiming that Gemma overpowered her, killed Polly and shot Hayes as he tried to escape.
At the cigar store, Zobelle decides it's time to leave. He asks Alvarez to leave a man behind in case Polly returns. SAMCRO loads up on weapons at the club house and heads out to intercept Zobelle. On the road, Alvarez notices the crew following his group. However, he fails to notice that a moving truck marked with Unser's company logo has pulled to the front of his caravan. Zobelle realizes what's about to happen. The rear door of the truck opens, revealing Piney and other SAMCRO members.

They fire into the caravan, taking out the lead Mayans. The rest of the crew fires on the rear, damaging Zobelle's vehicle. Zobelle speeds off and Clay warns Alvarez to leave or SAMCRO will finish them. Alvarez acquieces. With the Mayans out of the picture, the crew takes off after Zobelle, cornering him at a deli. However, Zobelle has surrounded himself with a crowd of children. He calls Hale for rescue, but Hale refuses.
Jax receives a call from Tara, who has just received a visit from the Prospect informing her that the Feds raided the house Gemma was in. Tara is in the middle of explaining what Gemma did when Cameron Hayes bursts in, gun drawn. He had heard about his son's death and Gemma's alleged involvement over his scanner and followed the Prospect back to Tara's house. Hayes threatens Jax's son with a knife, saying that he'll take "a son for a son." The Prospect charges Hayes and is stabbed to death. Jax, Opie and Chibs show up and find the Prospect dead and Tara tied up. She tells Jax that Cameron took Abel. Jax calls Clay and says he needs him. Despite being moments away from exacting his revenge on Zobelle, Clay immediately turns around and sets off in search of his grandson, the rest of the crew following close behind.
The season does not end well for the Sons. Gemma is on the run, heading off with Unser with no idea where to go. Zobelle escapes to the private airfield in Sacramento, intent on returning home to Budapest unscathed. And Jax, Clay and the rest of the crew arrive at the marina seconds too late and watch as Cameron Hayes speeds off in a boat with Abel Teller. As the season ends, Jax collapses in Clay's arms.

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