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This week on Sons of Anarchy:

SAMCRO meet with the Grim Bastards to get intel on the Mayans.  SAMCRO then heads to the Lin Triad to get guns for the Grim Bastards.  Opie gets Lyla and some other Caracara girls to work a porn star party for the Triad.  Opie then creates a huge fight when he can't handle his girl being a porn star at the party.

Nate takes off in his car so Gemma goes to the tied up caregiver, Amelia, for information.  After he returns, Gemma has a heart to heart with her surprisingly coherent father.

Piney goes to get a fresh haircut and all of the customers leave the barber shop.

Jax tells the guys he's going to Canada to find Abel and the group votes to all accompany him on the trip.  The VP of the Belfast SoA then sends a picture of a dead Cameron in Ireland to Juice back in Charming.

When Tara helps Amelia by cleaning out her cuts, she cuts one of the caregiver's hands loose.  Amelia then knocks Tara unconscious and unties herself.  After following Amelia up the basement stairs, Tara slams her over the head to save Gemma from harm.  The caregiver is then accidentally stabbed and killed when Gemma fights back.  The cleaner comes to Nate's house and takes care of the Amelia problem.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jax: You're sorry. Do you have kids?
Irish: I don't.
Jax: Then you don't know shit about sorry asshole.

Irish: You thinking about adding a little color to the ranks?
Clay: Yeah, black Irish.