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Everyone realizes that it was O'Neill that blew up the truck in the barn.  Jax sets out to find him to get a confession and implicate Jimmy O.  Jimmy also wants to find and kill O'Neill so he can't talk.  McGee tells O'Neill to get out of Dodge.

Salazar calls the Sons and gives them his demands for Tara.  He wants Piney, Tig and Kozik to kill Alvarez and take $250,000 from his house.  The three guys go to Alvarez and ask him to put the word out that he is dead so that Salazar will think it's true.  After a lot of yelling and gun pointing, he agrees.

SAMCRO finds Liam hiding out in a storage loft so they call in Sean Casey to get a confession out of him. Not only does he admit to blowing up the truck, he confesses that McGee was also working for Jimmy.  Jax then shoots him dead.

SAMCRO lure Jimmy and his crew into the loft and light the thing on fire.  Jimmy O escapes to the roof where the Sons are waiting for him. A shootout between the IRA and the SoA ensues with Jimmy escaping down the fire escape. They catch up to McGee trying to escape, Clay takes his cut and then pushes him off the roof.

Clay and Jax bring O'Neill's confession to the IRA Council.  The IRA explain that they will deal with Jimmy on their own, and Jax doesn't get to do what he wants with him.

Jax and Trinity console each other over the recent hard times.  The half brother and sister make out and nearly go to bed before Gemma and Mo finally step in to stop it.  Finding Jax and Trinity breaks up and epic fight between Mo and Gemma that had been building up for years.

Asbhy tells Jax that he has given Abel to a loving family.  He wanted to save Jax from this outlaw lifestyle, but never could.  This way he can save JT's grandson.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Never, ever, lie to the club!


Right, right. So I guess it's the truth we're after.


Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 10 Music

  Song Artist
The tossers a night on earth A Night On Earth The Tossers iTunes
Crud devil at the wheel Devil At the Wheel Crud iTunes
Ruby friedman orchestra drowned Drowned Ruby Friedman Orchestra iTunes