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This week on Sons of Anarchy:

Jax gets out of jail and tries to scare Tara away by telling her that these recent problems are just "the tip of the iceberg."  She welcomes it.

Gemma continues to have a tough time dealing with her father's Alzheimer's. After Nate finds Tig in bed with the nurse, he shoots Tig thinking that the nurse was his late wife.  The nurse then tries to leave once she finds out Gemma is wanted for murder, but the old lady doesn't let her go anywhere.

Tara takes a leave of absence from the hospital much to the dismay of her boss and Jax.

SAMCRO visits the hospital to see if the drive-by shooter was Mayan.  They find out he's from Calavaras MC, a club getting patched over into the Mayans.

The club then goes to visit Jimmy O to give him the correct story about what went down between, Gemma, Stahl and Eddie.  They lay it all out, but Jimmy lies about Cameron not being in Belfast.

They then hit up another Lodi club to find out if they've heard anything about Calavaras.  They get intel on a Calavaras officer so that they can get more info.  After finding him they give him a good beating and then scare into giving up the Mayans plan.  Clay and the others decide it's best not to get into another war with the Mayans.

Hale's brother sits down with Unser to get him to back Hale as mayor and support his ideas.  In return he'll allow Unser to hand pick his successor as Chief of Police.

Cameron visits his cousin, the Priest, in Ireland and admits to all of the wrong doings he committed in California.  The Priest decides it's best to kill Cameron themselves instead of letting Jimmy O or SAMCRO do the deed.

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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Unser: This attack...I know what it means, what you guys gotta do.
Jax: I don't give a shit about retaliation. I'm gonna find my kid.

Penance... five acts of contrition. Say them fast cousin, we need to talk.

Priest (to Cameron)