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Things start off right where they ended last week.  Jax calls Stahl to get information on Ashby, and she reiterates that she needs Jimmy O alive and in California for their plan to work.

Jax then briefs the rest of SAMCRO on his conversation with Ashby.  Gemma's plan is to just kill Jimmy, but Jax insists they grab him and try to trade him to Ashby for Abel.

The crew decides to go with SAMBEL on a gun run in which they assume Jimmy O will be at.  They get stopped by the police at a border, but make it through fine.

Once they make it to the gun pick up, Jimmy isn't there.  McGee says it's time to leave and O'Neill heads off into the woods.  The IRA kids lock up the barn and O'Neill sets off a bomb that was on the truck of guns.  

Jimmy O comes to Belfast to take Fiona and Chibs's daughter away with him.  The ladies manage to take control and Gemma is on the verge of killing Jimmy O before Fiona stops her and lets Jimmy leave.

Back in California, Lumpy says that it was a Mayan who roughed him up, but Tig, Kozik and Piney know better.  They find Darby to see who put him and Salazar up to the task.

Elliot pushes Unser to find out who's buying up the properties on Liberty Street.  Meanwhile Hale is prompted by Salazar to tell him where he can find Jax's old lady.  Salazar finds Tara and takes her and her supervisor away in his car.

After a long day on the gun run, Jax and Trinity bond for a while.  Gemma sees Jax with his arm around her and says nothing to stop them.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Gemma: Who the hell are these people? Using a baby like a God damn poker chip.
Jax: It's not just them. This happened because we deal guns with the Irish. Let's not kid ourselves we're the victims here.
Gemma: Maybe that profound awareness helps relieve your guilt, but now is not the time for soul searching. You focus on the hate you need to kill all these Irish pricks.

I'm sorry guys. I had no idea what I was walking you into.


Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 9 Music

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Scala and kolacny brothers our last fight Our Last Fight Scala & Kolacny Brothers iTunes
We were promised jetpacks an almighty thud An Almighty thud We Were Promised Jetpacks iTunes
The romany rye old soul Old Soul The Romany Rye iTunes