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Even though Opie tried to throw her off the scent, Tara walks in on the aftermath of Jax and Ima in the bedroom.

Gemma confronts Unser about letting the raid on the club happen last week.  She then gets upset toward Jax about not wanting to go to jail.

One of the Grim Bastards gets a knife in his skull so they want revenge on Calavaras.  Clay and the rest of SAMCRO convince them to hold off and go to the Mayans to clear things up.  

With the heads of the Mayans, SAMCRO, Grim Bastards and Calavaras all together.  They find out who was responsible for the knife to the skull and kill him.  Salazar, the leader of Calavaras is also relieved of his duties.

Gemma calls Maureen Ashby to tell her that SAMCRO are on their way.  Maureen tells her she'll do whatever she can and then reveals to Gemma that her daughter is John Teller's as well.  Gemma throws up in the trash can.

Tara tells Gemma about Jax cheating with Ima.  Mrs. Morrow tries to convince her to ride it out.  In order to keep Gemma silent about her new pregnancy, Tara has to help her escape from the hospital.

Jax tries to explain to Tara that he's just protecting her, but she's convinced that he is just coming up with an excuse to bail on her.

Tara and Gemma pull quite the ruse on the rest of the hospital and police crew in order to get her out of the hospital.  Jax and Clay aren't happy about it, but Gemma wants to make sure Abel is okay before heading off to jail, so they let it go.

Unser tries to stop her form going, but Tig pulls a gun on him, and he ends up letting them go and calling in reinforcements to chase them down.  Tig switches cars with Jax, Clay and Gemma so the cops would follow him and the others can get to the plane heading to Belfast.

We find out that not only is Belfast VP O'Neill in bed with Jimmy O, but First 9 McGee is also.  They've set up the boys of SAMCRO to be ambushed when they get to Belfast.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You lettin' us get hurt? That's bad. That's how you lose friends. I'd hate to see you lost.

Gemma (to Unser)

Lyla: This is not my fault.
Opie: No, but if you didn't eat pussy for a living you might have a different set of friends.