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There were three major developments this week:

1. Juice is alive after all. The tree branch snapped and he survived. But Chibbs later discovered Juice cleaning up his attempted mess and at first screamed at him for being a coward, only to eventually hug him crying.

2. Clay killed Piney. The latter had once again told the President that he'd show the club the letters if he did not get them out of the drug trade. After a long day that included Galindo's rivals making their presence known via the dropping off of severed Mayan members' heads, Clay visited Piney at the cabin and believed he had no other choice. He tried to get the old man to give him the letters, but when that didn't work, Clay shot him in cold blood.

3. Scared for her life and the lives of her kids, Tara told Jax she was taken the boys to Portland for a medical conference. The hospital there is interested in her. Jax totally understood.

Sons of Anarchy
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