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Gemma discovers Piney's body this week, as her and Unser head to the cabin. But she convinces Unser to cover her husband's tracks and shove the blame on to Galindo's rival cartel.

She later confronts Clay and admits she knows the truth. She'll keep it quiet, but he has to absolutely swear to leave Tara alone. Gemma talked to her and is convinced she'll never utter a word about the letters. But after learning Tara is headed for Portland, Clay ends the episode by calling the hit man to carry out the job.


- Jax does an outstanding job negotiating peace between the Niners and Galindo, after we learn the former had been in bed with the latter's rival. This leads to Bobby going to Jax and admitting he knows about his deal to leave, but saying the club needs him too much and he's too good of a leader.

- Jax also gets into it with Clay about forming an exit strategy from the drug deal, apparently after they hook Galindo up with the Irish. Clay insults Tara, which leads to Jax getting angry, and going home to tell his Old Lady that he's accompanying her to Portland and will soon be "out" of the club.

- Potter goes to work on Otto, showing him photos of a still-alive Tom Arnold and telling him Bobby lied about the club taking him out. He also blackmails Juice by showing him the full operation, but saying he'll spare SAMCRO from federal prosecution if Juice plays rat and brings in the real IRA.

Sons of Anarchy
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