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The Sons got in deep this week, heading to Arizona to get protection from a charter there and then making their way down to Mexico where they met with Romeo and made the exchange: guns for cocaine.

The hesitation on the faces of all SAMCRO members as they closed the episode by loading up 30 kilos of uncut cocaine was obvious. Still, they passed the vote. It's too late to back out now.


- Gemma made a connection with Roosevelt's wife, who works in a flower shop. She gave her $5,000 and signed up Tara as a gold star member of the club trying to save one of Charming's natural areas from getting bulldozed by Hale.

- Tara told a curious Piney that her letters talk about JT being killed right before he was planning a trip to Belfast to end the SAMCRO drug deal.

- Potter brought Otto photo of his late wife's bloody corpse in isolation and told him that Bobby's semen was found in her underwear.

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