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The Mayans take out some of August Marks men during a gun buy as they try to cope with the imbalance of power that SAMCRO backing out of guns has caused. They try to pull Nero back in.

Nero considers getting out of the life all together and taking his son far away. When he tells Gemma she flips out and accuses him of dumping her before she storms off. 

Tara meets with her attorney but Bobby and Juice have followed him and track her down. Jax arrives at the park and Tara prepares to be killed but that's not what Jax has in mind.

Jax tells Patterson that he'll turn himself in for supplying the guns in the school shooting if all of the charges are dropped against Tara and none are filed against SAMCRO. She agrees. 

Nero tells Jax he knows that he lied and that Juice killed the dead boy's mother. Later, Jax tells Juice he knows he betrayed him and he warns Bobby and Chibs that Juice can't be trusted. Before going to turn himself in, Jax makes Bobby President of SAMCRO. 

A stoned Gemma hears that Jax is going to be arrested and assumes Tara ratted. When Sheriff Roosevelt drops Tara off at home, Gemma is there. She snaps and kills Tara with a carving fork in her kitchen.

When Sheriff Roosevelt runs in, Juice shoots and kills him to protect Gemma. Then he gets rid of the murder weapon.

Jax comes home ready to surrender to authorities to find Tara dead. He cradles her bloody body in his arms and weeps as Patterson and the authorities walk in. 

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

I've become the thing. The one I hated.


I need that rush of terror to get me out of bed in the morning. It's in my DNA.


Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 13 Music

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Jd mcpherson signs and signifiers Signs & Signifiers JD McPherson iTunes
Noah gundersen day is gone Day is Gone Noah Gundersen iTunes
Song We Better Run Parlor Hawk