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Jax is released from jail after ten days. The police have no leads on who killed Tara. 

A new sheriff is about to take over in Charming and Patterson asks Unser to help her manage relations with the club.

Jax tries to form alliances with the rival gangs he alienated while trying to go legit. Going legit was a mistake he won't make again as he takes the head of the table.

Wendy leaves rehab after nine days and finds that Gemma has been hiding Juice in her apartment. Wendy promises to keep her mouth shut but Unser later finds Juice there.

Jax allows Wendy time with Able and Thomas. Gemma and Nero get back together. 

Gemma sets up the Chinese gang for killing Tara. Jax abducts the man he believes killed his wife and tortures him before killing him with a carving fork. 

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

I already lost the woman I love. I'm not going to lose my club.


Marcus: You talking about that shitty porn warehouse on the docks?
Jax: When you say it like that it kind of loses all its magic.