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Moses Cartwright plans to find the Pastor's family and "convince" them not to testify against August Marks. Cartwright pressures Tyler to find them. He ends up picking up Rat when he heads out to get info from the Grim Bastards. 

Moses threatens to do the same thing to Rat and T.O. as he did to Bobby if they don't tell him where to find the Pastor's family.

Jax and the boys meet Otis, Telly's second in command on the outside and find out thatLeland, one of Telly's guys is headed to the hospital to kill Eglee but Unser kills him before he can. Unser tells Jarry he got an anonymous tip. 

Telly sends Juice love poems and drugs before he comes to his cell for a visit. 

When TO gives Cartwright the address of a cabin he and his men head out. Tyler sets Rat and T.O. loose. SAMCRO ambushes Cartwright and his men. They kill them all, but they take out Moses eye and cut off his fingers before they kill him. 

Jarry questions her relationship with Chibs but they end up having sex on the floor. Venus and Tig enter into an intimate relationship. Jax has comfort sex with Winsome, the hooker he took in off the street.

Abel gauges his arm with a fork at school but tells his teachers that grandma did it. Child Protective Services is called in. Everyone assumes he's upset that Gemma has taken over Tara's role in his life. Wendy offers to find him a therapist. Jax agrees and tells Gemma that she can't spend time alone with the boys now that Child Protective Services is watching. 

Jax tells Abel that he came out of Wendy's tummy. That she was his first mommy. Later as Jax puts him to bed, Abel asks him if that's why grandma killed his mommy, so that his first mommy could come back.  

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

Jax: She's a smart girl. A little unstable but smart.
Nero: That's the way we like 'em.

I'm not sure what SAMCRO looks like without him.