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Jax is surprised to find out that Lin's men only found one body at the house. Jury lies to Bobby about his connection but gives a name for the missing dead man, Gibbs O'Leary.

Unser helps Juice make contact with Chibs. Juice asks Chibs if there's a way to redeem himself with the club. Chibs tells him to kill himself.

Sheriff Jarry makes it clear that she wants Charming to be safe and profitable for everything. Then she takes a bribe from Chibs to hold off on the APB for Juice.

Jax starts a war between the Niners and the Mayans behind August back as he partners with Tyler to do it. 

Abel sees Nero attack a man at the brothel who hits Gemma. Gemma tells Abel that the was a bad man. Abel asks if his daddy is a bad man too. Gemma talks to Tara and says that everything turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. 

Nero gets pulled back into the life as his role as a diplomat between the waring gangs forces him to pick up a weapon. 

Jax hunts down the man who hit his mother and brutally beats him. 

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

You had me bound and gagged in a bathtub son. I think I would have already dropped a dime on you if that's what I wanted.


Just keep your claws out of your pants and on the wheel and I'll be happy.