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Juice lets Gemma go but takes her SUV. A waitress at a diner overhears her talking to Tara. When asked, Gemma tells her that Tara's death was her fault.

Jax proves to Telly that he's on his side by killing many of August Mark's crew. When Telly's men won't take the bodies, he dumps then at a Pope Construction site. 

The Mayans hold Nero in a closet as they decide his fate after realizing that he was involved in Jax's take down of Lin. 

Unser tells Gemma that with Lin in custody, she should come forward and tell the cops that she saw the Chinese leaving Tara's home the night she was killed. Jax agrees that it's a good way to keep Lin from making a deal to turn on the club. Gemma is furious with Unser for pushing her to make a statement and she tells him to get his trailer off of her property. 

Juice robs a liquor store and offers the Mayans the cash and Gemma's SUV in exchange for safe passage to Mexico. When that doesn't work he offers secrets about SAMCRO but it backfires and the Mayans turn him over to Jax. As the two clubs make a deal, they also release Nero.

Before he leaves, Nero notices Gemma's SUV and the Mayans tell him that Juice had it. Gemma later breaks down in tears with Nero as she admits to helping Juice. She claims she's scared that Juice will tell Jax that she tried to help him escape. 

Sheriff's officer Eglee awakens and will only speak to Unser. 

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Tyler: I hope you got a plan.
Jax: We got guns and manpower.
Tyler: That's a plan.

Jax: Who knows, may be calling you step-daddy soon.
Nero: Yeah, and we all know how well that worked out in the past.