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The club cleans up after the massacre at Diosa. Jarry warns that if they don't give her something, the Feds will be called in.

Lin threatens Nero and his son if he doesn't turn over Jax. Nero is furious that Jax lied to him. Jax tells him that Gemma says the Chinese killed Tara. 

Nero helps Jax set up Lin and his crew but the real SWAT team shows up before Jax can take out Lin. Lin and his crew are arrested on drug and gun charges.

Wendy worries about Abel who holds a hammer on anyone who comes near Thomas, fearing someone will hurt his little brother. 

Paranoid after hearing the Chinese took out Diosa, Juice kills the Asian motel manager who enters his room when the bill goes unpaid. Unser stays behind to clean up the body while Gemma drives Juice out of town. 

Gemma changes the plan. She tells Juice that Nero is helping them get Juice to Mexico. He knows she's lying and gets the gun away from her. As he holds the weapon on her she begs for her life.


Sons of Anarchy
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