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Part Two of the 200th episode joins up with Mitch Conner in Vietnam and after that ridiculous sequence, Conner ends up leading Cartman back to Mephisto's to learn his true identity. He discovers his father is actually Mr. Tennerman, a former Bronco and the man that he fed to his own half-brother.  Cartman is devastated by the news... that he carries the ginger gene.

Meanwhile, Mecha Streisand, released by the celebrities, is terrorizing the town until the Superfriends organize and Neil Diamond duet with her to end the destruction.

Back at the standoff between the Gingers and Muhammad, the Gingers demand the bear costume is removed and Santa is revealed. The boys have an idea and head to Mephisto's to have him clone the real Muhammed so they can give clones to both the Gingers and the Celebrities.  With Muhammad under their control, the groups team up and use Rob Reiner's machine on Tom Cruise first.  He instantly becomes censored and is immune from being made fun of, until Sea Man of the Superfriends jumps on Cruise's back.  "Tom Cruise has Sea Man on his back!"  Still looking to escape all human torment, the boys send Cruise to the moon alongside the whale.

South Park
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South Park Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

Watching porn isn't like doing coke you fag.

Jesus (to Buddha)

Mr. Garrison: I'm sorry, Eric.
Cartman (as Mitch Connor): Sorry is a four letter word with a y on the end that doesn't mean anything to this kid.