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The South Park boys try to get Towelie a job at a local summer camp for handicap children, Camp Tardicaca.  However, when Towelie keeps ditching his drying duties to do drugs, the boys stage an intervention a la the A&E show, Intervention.  The boys all read their speeches to Towelie, well except Cartman, who uses his time on national television to go on a tirade against Jews.  However, it's Towelie's child, washcloth, that makes him agree to go to rehab.

Meanwhile, at the camp, there's a color war going on between Jimmy and Timmy's team versus Kevin and Mimsi.  Kevin keeps hatching plans to sabotage Jimmy that continuously backfire against him.  Eventually Kevin gets himself blown up and ends up in the hospital as Jimmy's team wins.

South Park
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South Park Season 14 Episode 7 Quotes

Towelie had a girlfriend he really liked. Then she got pregnant and had a little wash cloth.


Who hired that towel? It can barely walk, let alone dry someone off.