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When Mr. Garrison assigned the J.D. Salinger classic, The Catcher in the Rye, he warns the boys of the controversy surrounding the novel and how offensive it is.  The boys all run home and read it in one sitting, only to find out it's tame by their standards.  The four main boys sit down and write their own novel, "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs."

When Stan's mother discovers the hidden story, she reads it and after profusely vomitting she and Randy and the other boys' parents call the kids in.  To avoid getting in trouble, they declare Butters to have written.  Believing himself to have black outed and having bad thoughts after reading the Rye, he reluctantly takes credit.

It turns out the parents loved the book and it's soon published and becomes a national sensation, skyrocketing Butters into fame.  Butters soon writes a second book, The Poop That Took a Pee, that also becomes a success, despite it being not nearly as offensive as the story written by the boys.

However, soon Poop causes a kid to go crazy and murder the Kardashian sisters, Butters' crushes.  Soon, the media bans Butters' novel, causing the poor kid to go into depression.  Oh plus the boys end up getting Sarah Jessica Parker killed and push that blame on Butters too.

Hey, everyone loves Butters.

South Park
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South Park Season 14 Episode 2 Quotes

Are you telling us this book is filthy, inappropriate, and made a guy shoot the king of hippies? Can we read it right now?

Cartman [about Catcher in the Rye]

And Matthew, how come a transvestite donkey witch is standing next to you and wearing a dress?

Reporter [to Matthew Broderick about Sarah Jessica Parker]