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The boys are all hooked on Facebook and Farmville, except for Stan, who still doesn't have an account... until the guys decide to surprise him with one.  Soon Stan's father, grandmother, and Wendy all make him befriend them and their respective friends.  When Stan can't handle everyone's constant demands of him to friend them or comment on their statuses, he goes to delete his profile and gets sucked into a Tron-like Facebook world inside the computer.  Inside, eventually he must defeat his own "profile" (kind of like an avatar in the system) in a game of Yahtzee in order to get rid of his account.

Meanwhile, Kyle befriends Kip Drordy, a nerdy kid with 0 Facebook friends.  Soon Kip begins to think of Kyle like his real world friend, literally taking his laptop with Kyle's profile with him to the movies.  Eventually, when other kids learn Kyle is friends with Kip, a kid with low friend stock, they all remove him until his only friend is Kip.  Kyle goes to Cartman, who hosts a blog, Mad Friends (a parody of Mad Money), and he tries to help him make new friends via Chat Roulette.  However, it turns out Kyle cannot keep or make new friends until he deletes Kip as a friend.

Everything turns out okay when Stan ends up sending all his friends to Kip after defeating his profile.

South Park
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South Park Season 14 Episode 4 Quotes

Stan: Are you doing that stupid Facebook stuff again?
Cartman: Stupid Facebook stuff...
Stan: Why are you guys in here wasting your time? We're supposed out playing video games.

Kyle: I could really use a friend right now.
Stan: Okay dude, I'm here for you.
Kyle: Okay, then get on Facebook and fertilize my crops.