South Park Season 17

"The Hobbit"

On the 17th season finale, Wendy tries to prove a point about how much pressure little girls feel to look like celebrities.

"Titties and Dragons"

The doors to the mall finally open on South Park this week. Look out, it's Black Friday!

"A Song of Ass and Fire"

South Park takes on Game of Thrones this week. Look out, people. Cartman is out for revenge!

"Black Friday"

The fight is on this week on South Park. The episode is all about Black Friday.

"Ginger Cow"

Religious leaders visit South Park this week. They are there to witness a Biblical prophecy.

"Taming Strange"

Kyle and Ike attend a taping of Yo Gabba Gabba on this episode of South Park. It's a nice brotherly bonding experience.

"Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers"

South Park goes goth this week. It focuses on a group of kids who must do something drastic.

"World War Zimmerman"

South Park takes on the George Zimmerman case this week, as Cartman is disturbed by a threa to humanity.

"Informative Murder Porn"

The South Park boys take advantage of the game of MINECRAFT this week. They use it as a parental distraction.

"Let Go, Let Gov"

Cartman infiltrates the NSA on the South Park Season 17 premiere. He doesn't like what he finds there.

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South Park Season 17 Quotes

Get Cable company front desk man: [typing] We just need to find a window of time you'll be home... how about between the hours of six AM and three PM all of November?
Randy: No I can't wait around my house from six AM and three PM all of November!
Get Cable company front desk man: [starts rubbing his nipples again] Ooohhh, you can't? Geez, that's too bad, you need to be home for the technician. Have you thought about switching to DirecTV?
Randy: I can't afford DirecTV.
Get Cable company front desk man: Ooohhh, you can't? Geez, that's terrible, then I guess you'll just have to work within our time windows.

Randy: Stan. Stan! How do you tame a horse in Minecraft?
[naked and at Stan's door after finding out a parental lock has been put on the TV]
Stan: What?
[barely awake in bed]
Randy: What is Minecraft and how do you tame a horse in it?
Stan: You guys don't need to be watching that stuff.
Randy: Oh! Come on! You can't block your parents from watching informative murder porn! What? Ya-you think if we watch shows about married people killing each other all the time we're gonna go out and do it? That's stupid! I'm not going to go out and kill your mom just because I watch Investigative Discovery, Stan. I'd be impossible to clear away all the DNA evidence anyway! Even if I hired someone else to kill her, I'd have to kill that person, too, because 96% of the time that person eventually tells the truth! I thought this through a lot!