The cast of Southern Charm reunites to discuss events since the season ended.

"One of the Lost Boys Leave Neverland"

On the Southern Charm season 1 finale, Shep makes sure that all of the women will attend Whitney's party.

"The Third Man"

Whitney reveals a long-held secret when the gang heads to the Shep family planation on Southern Charm.

"The Glass Menagerie Is Half Full"

Thomas hosts a dinner on this episode of Southern Charm. He wants to teach his friends not to make the same mistakes he's made.

"White Ties and White Lies"

The whole gang attents the white-tie Carolina Day Bash on Southern Charm.

"In the Cups"

Thomas brushes up on his French in order to impress Danni and Jenna throws a housewarming pool party on Southern Charm.

"Sh-Epic Fail!"

Shep makes questionable decisions while a woman questions Thomas' past on Southern Charm.

"Peter Pan "Sin"Drome"

Whitney Sudler-Smith hosts a garden party on the premiere of Southern Charm. Ready to spend some time in Charleston?