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We're a little pressed for time this week, so here's a quick overview of what went down this week on Southland. Let's go character-by-character...

Detectives Adams and Clarke investigate jewelry thieves that target homes in Bel Air. The case eventually gets solved through some solid police work, but it seems to takes it toll on the personal lives of each detective:

Clarke's wife kicks him out after he's unenthusiastic - insulting, even - about his wife's latest plan to get pregnant via infertilization; Adams, meanwhile, gets dumped by her boyfriend, who she was clearly falling for. He makes up some story about not being able to get over the lie she originally told him about her line of work.

Bryant and Moretta get Janila ready for trial. But when there's a drive-by shooting that takes out her grandmother, Bryant takes the unusual step of putting her up in his house for safety. Bryan's wife doesn't love this plan, as you might expect.

It's a tough episode for John Cooper. We learn more about his addiction to pain killers. When his hospital source cuts him off, he ends up copping (get it?!?) from a guy in the gay bar bathroom. No way this ends well.

Then there's Officer Sherman. He gets involved personally with the aforementioned Bel Air case because he used to date the victim's daughter's best friend. Sherman also deals with the reemergence of his father in his life, as dad is still hanging out with mom, much to Ben's chagrin.

Later, Mr. Sherman tells his son that he has cancer. To close the episode, needing to be a bit more edgy for a change, Ben sleeps with his Bel Air acquaintance.


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