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Let's take a look at the most recent episode of Southland:

- Lydia, Josie, Russell and Robbery Homicide are all called to the scene of a celebrity murder.  The victim, Bethany Stearn was beheaded in her backyard with a sword and her bodyguard was also killed.  Her husband, Billy is the prime suspect and is arrested for the murders.

- Lydia takes photos of the crime scene on her cell phone, something she does for all of her cases.  Later those photos show up in the tabloids.  Lydia is put on desk duty pending an investigation.

- John and Ben are charged with guarding the street from the paparazzi.  John quickly tires of the detail and takes a call where a young child is found next to his grandfather who has been dead for three days.

- John and Ben are reprimanded by their watch commander for leaving their post and are sent back to the celebrity crime scene.  Billy killed himself.  The note he left claims he was innocent.  Later that day police find a man at the airport with a sword, bloody sneakers, and photos of the victims in the trunk of his car.

- Six weeks after Nate’s death Sammy goes back to work and decides to ride with the uniformed officers of the gang unit.  He spends his day looking for the people who killed Nate.  He goes back to the scene of the crime and threatens the gang members.  His partner has to call for backup to get them out safely.

- Sammy finds out that he is the father of Tammy’s baby.

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Southland Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Fluffy came home with blood on his paws.


Celebrity's a bitch.