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On this episode of Southland:

- John’s back pain is worse and he takes too many pills leaving him groggy during his entire shift. He acts erratically and even sleeps in the car, failing to cover Ben. Ben tells him, off the record, that he needs to pull it together.

- While Sammy investigates a church robbery, Tammy shows up during the investigation to talk about co-parenting. She tells Sammy that if he wants to have the baby stay with him, he needs to find a place with a nursery.

- Sammy takes the advice to heart. He drops paint off for Tammy and even brings a swing set to put in Tammy’s yard.

- A woman is murdered and accuses her husband before dying in the ambulance. Lydia and Josie arrest the man. Lydia manages to convince the man to confess. The children’s aunt is scared of him and won’t take in the kids unless she knows he won’t be coming back. He confesses so that his children won’t be split up in the foster care system.

- During a routine employer check, Lydia and Josie run into a gunman killing employees. As everyone runs out of the building, they hunt the man down. Josie is injured by flying glass during a shootout. Lydia gets her out of the building then heads back in and kills the gunmen by shooting him in the head.

- Lydia is asked out on a date by a patrol officer and she accepts. She later finds out that the officer is Josie’s son.

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Southland Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Lydia: So, Fernandez goes to some management training retreat and now tweedle dee and dumber are in charge of finding a killer?
Josie: Hey, my kids didn't learn to clean their room until I stopped doing it for them.

Sammy: Thanks for coming with me.
Officer: Can't let you face those church ladies alone. Those b*tches are mean. My Momma's one.