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On a solid episode of Southland...

- Sammy and Nate are investigating the shooting death of a gang member known as Frosty.  Frosty was killed by a rival gang member who went by the name Nobody.

- Dewey is back from rehab and late for work.   Sarge asks John to partner with Dewey until he gets back up to speed, leaving Ben partnered with Chickie.  Dewey doesn’t shut up all day and makes John crazy.  He ditches Dewey back onto Chickie before shift’s end.

- Lydia and Josie are called to a murder/suicide but quickly wrap it up and are asked to join the gang homicide investigation with Sammy and Nate.

- Turns out Frosty’s murder wasn’t gang related but about a girl.  Then Nobody is found shot to death in the street. .  A man named David Marcus is found shot to death in a silver Escalade.  The body count keeps rising as there is a driveby shooting at a family party and a woman and four year old boy are killed.

- The weapon used in the driveby shooting was an AK47.  Police eventually find the gun under a gang member’s sofa and are told the gun is G-Ron’s.

- G-Ron was a friend of David Marcus.  David wasn’t a gang member.  David was killed because G-Ron had borrowed his car when he killed Nobody.  G-Ron then shot up the birthday party in retaliation for David’s death.  G-Ron confesses to the murders and says he only wishes he could have killed more people at the party.

- Sammy goes home after this difficult case to find out that his wife has been having an affair and the baby she’s carrying may not be his.

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Southland Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Somebody shot Nobody.


Nate: Remember his brother, Bigfoot? The funeral he had: stretch Hummers and strippers throwing cash.