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Let's take a look at the latest episode of Southland:

- Dewey and Chickie hit and kill a pedestrian during a high-speed chase, making Chickie question why she became a cop.  John tells her she’s a cop because she deserves to be.

- Lydia is suspended because she is under suspicion for selling celebrity murder photos to the press.  Russell confesses that he sold the photos for half a million dollars. Lydia is furious with him and he loses his job.

- John argues with city hall over moving an abandoned trailer being used as a crack den.  When the city fails once again, John moves the trailer into the road and calls it in as an abandoned vehicle that needs to be towed.

- Sammy fails to identify Nate’s killer in a lineup.  Later he follows the suspect as he leaves with his lawyer.

- Sammy is still living with Nate’s family.  Nate’s son asks him if he’s going to be his new Daddy.

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Southland Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Russell: What happened to Lydia the optimist?
Lydia: She got her ass handed to her by Lydia the suspect.

Even when cops do everything right things can still go sideways. Learning to accept this is a big part of the job.